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the sickest thing ive ever seen

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Bob is like one of the most stereotypical names but how many bobs do you actually know


Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - Argonian Maid by Propped Up Creations

Photography by Judith Stephens and StarDustShadow


Raven’s dad was a hardcore sass-master.

Anaziah: “I’m a pretty princess omg look how colour coordinated I am this is so great I’m in love Inigo look how fuckin’ stylish this is don’t you want one?”

Anaziah: “I’m a pretty princess omg look how colour coordinated I am this is so great I’m in love Inigo look how fuckin’ stylish this is don’t you want one?”


How can people see Emma Watson being verbally attacked online and threatened with hacked nudes being released by men because of her speech on gender equality and still think we don’t need feminism. It’s not women who make men out to be some evil creatures, you guys do that well enough on your own.

Rolff: “Damn grey-skin, go back to Morrowind!”
Anaziah: “the fuck did you just say to me??”
Rolff: "You heard me. Get out of here."
Anaziah: “I don’t much like the tone of your voice. Get out of my face and let me eat in peace, lest I decide to adjust that nasty attitude for you.”
Rolff: “Oh so you think you can take me? Hundred septims says you’re wrong, filthy little elf. No magic, no weapons, just fists.”
Anaziah: "You’re on, fuckboy. That’s a hundred septims you’re gonna need to cough up when I’m done with you…"
Inigo: ”Oh for goodness sake, I’m out of here… have fun with that. I think I’ll watch. Quietly, sitting down, in this nice comfortable chair.”
~Anaziah thoroughly trashes Rolf with three solid punches~
Rolff: "Okay, okay, you win… I yield…"
Anaziah: "Too bad… I cheated.”

Dunmer of Windhelm, I present to you the greatest gift it is within my power to give. Enjoy.


night vale putting in casual nonbinary representation + using gender neutral pronouns







Best lesson from a Disney movie

This is an underrated movie

This is a grossly underrated movie.

Can I take a minute to rant? Good. Cuz I’m gonna.

I FLOVE this movie. And I HATE all the stupid hatred it gets. For a long time the buzz was “finally a black princess yay!” and now everyone is like “Fuck this movie, first black princess and she spends the whole movie a frog.”

You know what? Fuck that. Because Ariel spent a good majority of the movie not talking. Mulan spent the majority of the move pretending to be a man. Aurora and Snow White? Asleep (Hardly in the movie at all). They’re all just plot devices, not designed to take away from the traits of the women. 

And you know what else? Unlike some of the other princesses, Tiana is in control of her destiny every step of the way. When she turns into the frog does she lose hope and need rescuing? Hell naw. She busts Naveen over the head and gets the job done. She is consistently responsible and capable even after having her dreams crushed and turning into a freaking frog. 

So don’t tell me that Tiana is “less than” just because she gets turned into a frog. She’s still one of the most hardworking, badass, and capable chicks in animated history and I love her like crazy cakes. 

the end. 

Also? She’s based on a real person. A real woman who is 91 and is still cooking in her kitchen. She’s still widely respected in the culinary community, she’s fed presidents, she’s had songs written about her and her restaurants. She’s 91, and she still wakes up every morning to run things, because she still believes in hard work and good food. And if you don’t think that’s truly fantastic, then you can just fuck right off.